A War on the Voice of the People

Our elections are no longer free. What was a well crafted design has fallen prey to money. Not just a little money, though. A LOT of money. In 2016 over $6 billion was spent on the elections. That’s enough money to increase Title 1 Federal school funding by over 30%, in the United States. Over $2 billion was spent on the Presidential election alone. $2 billion on what is essentially a choice between two people; more specifically, two people that were viewed as necessary evils by many. What kind of assinine system needs $2 billion to pick two terrible people to lead? A corrupt one. To make matters worse, this isn’t including the investments from foreign sources trying to manipulate the results, just domestic ones.

Elections should be completely shielded from donations. No private donations. No public donations. No personal or business donations. The only funding used on elections should be federal. Get rid of every party we have now and start fresh. Require 10,000 signatures from a minimum of eight states, with a minimum of 2,000 signatures per state, to form a Federal Party. Each Party may elect one member to run for Presidential office. No advertising allowed. Give them publically broadcasted forums for debate where they are prohibitted to speak about anything other than the question, especially not the opponent. They are there to explain why they are the best choice, that’s it. Give them live, unfiltered, question and answer sessions with the American people. It’s time for the people to get involved again, not just the billionaires.

Ballots should utilize a rank vote system where you rank your preferences for office from 1 to 4. This will prevent vote shaming and lesser of two evils scenarios. No longer should people have to skip voting their educated conscience because a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for the “enemy”. This is a disgusting practice that never should have been allowed. Our right to cast our own vote is a right that WILL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON! Introduce modern voting options. If we can file our taxes online, which only FUNDS the government, we can certainly create a safe electric voting process.


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