Black Lives Matter

Before I start I would like to let you know that I am a pacifist. I believe that there is almost always a solution that doesn’t involve violence. That being said, Martin Luther King Jr. was a pacifist also and shared in my opinion. Violence should always be a last resort, however he recognized that vilent riots were the voice of the unheard. It’s a desperate cry for help with a shock factor that makes everyone uncomfortable, and damn right it should. It is the ultimate rebellion against our capitalistic society. When everything is bought and sold, when everything is made into a commodity, even ourselves, when property and comfort is more important than the lives of others, riotting is the virus in the machine.

Of course I am saddened and disheartened by the violence and destruction. However I have an attention span slightly longer than that of a gold fish. Our black brothers and sisters are desperate. They have tried being peaceful for a long time. Lincoln freed the slaves 157 years ago, Martin Luther King Junior gave his “I have a dream” speach over 50 years ago, even in modern times Black Lives Matters and the Kneeling movement started by Colin Kaepernick tried to bring attention and get our help, and these born and raised Americans still have to worry about being murdered by those who swore to serve and protect, in broad daylight. This is utter bullshit. At this point it would be stupid to not expect violence and rioting. They have been fighting for hundreds of years to get the same natural rights that white Americans are born with, and white America has been there to degrade them and ignore them the entire time. Enough is enough.

Yes the violence makes me sad, but I haven’t had to endure it for the entire history of our Nation. Our Nation that was built on Slavery and Genocide to provide for the rich white man. I recognize that in order to stop the violence, all we need to do is listen. No I don’t want to hear anymore excuses. It’s time to grow a pair and FIX it. Their right to life supersedes your and my right to comfort. It’s time to shut up and listen.

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